Pitch Showdown

  • An offline competition for startups where teams need to come up with a technical and/or business idea for a problem statement given beforehand.

  • Every team is required to pitch their solution in front of the judges, audience and other teams, during which, each of the remaining team is supposed to question the team on the stage based on their analysis of the presented solution.

  • Teams will be judged on the basis of their solution as well as their critical analysis and questioning on the solution of other teams.

E Pic

  • This event provides a platform for startups to present their own business ideas in front of judges and potential investors.

  • Teams are allowed an elevator pitch of up to 90 seconds.

  • The best pitches are eligible for prize money and get an opportunity to receive funding from the investors.

Case Study

An offline competition where teams need to study and analyse the business model of a real-world company(will be intimated on the spot), find out their flaws, the problems the company is facing, and present a viable solution for improvement.


An online competition where teams will be provided with virtual money and expected to invest in virtual stocks. Teams are required to analyse the trends and invest accordingly so as to earn as much (virtual) money as they can. The team with the most earnings will be declared the winner.


A classic quiz based competition designed to test the participants’ knowledge of the business market, basic economics, and critical thinking skills.