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About Us

We're the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Hyderabad, driven by passion, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of success. Our space is where ideas meet action—a hub where dreams become reality. We're enthusiasts who thrive on ideation, turning concepts into growing businesses.

Our aim is clear: to support entrepreneurship and innovation within and beyond our campus. We recognize the importance of new business ideas and guide students, providing market exposure and pathways for their startups. We're a platform that fosters collaboration between students and businesses, offering mentorship from idea conception to product completion.

Join us to THINK big, BUILD ambitiously, and INSPIRE change through entrepreneurship.


Aarohati is a sanskrit word that signifies "The Ascent" or the verb "Climbing Up".Aarohati signifies the act of rising, often in a spiritual sense.

Start-ups are like rockets. Aarohati symbolizes the metaphorical climb, emphasizing the growth and progress that startups aim for. This theme encourages startups to embrace their journey and find inspiration in their ascent. The ascent signifies determination, resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles. Thes qualities are crucial for the startups to navigate the competitive business landscape.

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Startup fair

StartupFair is a startup exhibition event, welcoming all the top-notch Startups, Investors, Speakers, Organizations, and attendees from all over India. What sets it apart is the inclusion of 14 specialized tracks, each dedicated to a unique sphere of innovation. Whether it's tech, sustainability, healthcare, or any other niche, there's a track tailored precisely to your interests. This event offers startups an unparalleled opportunity to showcase pioneering products and cultivate essential connections within a dynamic community.

Fetching fortunes

E-cell IITH is excited to announce "Fetching Fortunes," an exciting startup pitch competition where aspiring entrepreneurs and innovative minds can present their startup ideas for a chance to secure investment and support to turn their dreams into reality. This event is designed to foster innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and provide a platform for talented individuals to showcase their groundbreaking ideas.

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