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Founded By : Pratyusha Pareddy and Manoj Sanker

NemoCare aims to end all preventable neonatal and maternal deaths in the developing world by building innovative affordable, accessible, highly accurate monitoring solutions.

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Founded By : Aditya Agrawal, Dharmgya Sharma, and Subhra Bhattacherjee

Frinks is a deep-tech startup transforming workplace safety and productivity through AI. They help businesses make sense of their real-time video surveillance data to overcome real-time challenges by adding a layer of AI's live intelligence to their CCTV's

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Founded By : Ayush Pateria and Keshav Chouksey

Snazzy aims to revolutionize smiles with clear invisible teeth aligners. Snazzy clear aligners use advanced 3d printing technologies along with orthodontist-directed treatment to achieve the same results as braces, without its pain points

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Founded By : Ankit Mishra and Chinmay Jindal

StoryXpress is an end-to-end AI-powered video marketing platform that enables brands and retailers to convert their e-commerce product catalogues into videos at a fraction of the time and cost as compared to traditional video production houses

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Founded By : Govind Balachandran

SignalX offers a Risk AI that runs comprehensive checks on any given target by processing data from thousands of regulators and risk datasets. SignalX enables legal, risk and compliance professionals with unrivalled automation and research capabilities

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