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TSuccessful Entrepreneurs are the ones who are great at thinking out solutions. Through various hackathons and workshop events, we promote the culture of thinking to prepare students for future entrepreneurial challenges.


All great startups are started by people who have a knack at building products. E-Cell IITH organizes events like Kickstart X to help bring out the best of builders among aspiring entrepreneurs.


The key to stick through tough times and not giving up is to be relentlessly inspired to take on challenges. By organizing various talks by successful entrepreneurs, E-Cell IITH aims to inspire students to take the path of entrepreneurship.

What We Do

Startup Jalsa

Startup Jalsa is India’s leading startup conference, held at various cities in India, that provides support to early-stage startups with mentoring and fundraising.


One of the biggest student entrepreneurship hackathon in Hyderabad co-hosted by E-Cell IITH and IIITH which aims to provide a common platform for student entrepreneurs to network, work on innovative solutions and build startups.

Samsung Innovation Awards

The event conducted by Samsung Innovation in association with E-Cell IITH that aims to identify, encourage and reward innovative and creative projects developed by student-faculty teams.

Hult Prize

The Hult Prize is an event that aims to launch the next generation of entrepreneurs who apply their business thinking to the world’s most pressing issues by being impact centered, profit-minded and market driven.

Workshop Series

The Workshop Series hosted by E-Cell IITH provides an environment for students from various colleges to network, and learn together about latest developments in different fields of technology.

Our Initiatives


An opportunity to showcase the potential of your budding startups. The winning entries will be awarded monetary investment from E-Cell.


E-Summit is the annual flagship event of E-Cell IIT Hyderabad. It is aimed at making the campus the biggest networking hub in the country during the event. It brings together Startups, Entrepreneurs, Students, Investors, VCs and everyone involved in the startup ecosystem.

Young Entrepreneur Award

The Young Entrepreneur Award provides a platform for school students who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and turn them into reality.

People Who Make It Possible

Sarthak Konher

Overall Head

Sankhojyoti Halder

Design Head

Bhargavi Reddy

Ideation Head

Md Nazish Kaunain

Operations Head

Sanket Ranade

Operations Head

Nishita Pattanayak

PR and Networking Head

Gorle Varshit

PR and Networking Head

Anmol Rastogi

Sponsorship Head


Sponsorship Head

Jai Goyal

Web Head

Meet Vyas

Global Network Head

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